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Autonomous Harvesting

Envisioning A Green Future

We design machines for the best harvest. Our machines are the marriage between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics system in order to support efficient farming. Our system can be over 300% faster than human speed in daily farm activities, which combats labor shortages and provides efficiency for the farmers. We believe in thinking ahead. 

Our focus is to make the process of picking fruits efficient, but gentle. We take on a human-like approach to avoid bruising, which delivers the best products for the customers and better profits for farmers.

AI based Apple Detection

Our Products

Our AI based robotic system and computer vision algorithms can intelligently collect only the ripest fruits.  This technology also provides useful insights and analytics to harvesting, which might just be the key to your farm’s success. 

AI based Harvesting Robotics

Our Harvesting Machines Can adapt to any type of Orchard or Farm and collect Ripe Fruits at over 100+ Units per Minute.

Growth & Harvesting Analytics

Our Proprietary Computer Vision System can provide Analytics to better manage  Weed, Predict Pest & Diseases to control before it actually spreads.

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Rent It!

We provide options to rent or buy the robotic system!

We understand that this is a big commitment to your business as it is an investment, that’s why we provide the option to rent and buy the product. We aim to include and support everyone with their farming through our technology whether that be large-scale farms, orchards, or your local mom-and-pop farm.

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